made in Belgium
since 2004
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How it works?

You choose the type of service and support to be digitised (negatives, slides or photos) and enter the quantities.

You follow the instructions and set the pick-up and delivery modes. Either you leave us your souvenirs or we collect them from you. The same applies to return delivery.

When your choice is made, you order.

We retrieve your memories and scan your images. The delays can vary from 2 to 4 weeks after the order.

When the job is finished, you get back all your original media and a USB key containing all the digitised photos. Depending on your choice, you come and pick up everything or we deliver it to you.

Create the most beautiful photo book

In addition to scanning your photos, immortalise them in a superb photo book thanks to the TICTACPHOTO software.

It's the ideal gift to offer or to share as a family!